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Our Value

We are different kind of firm.  We take the guess work out of marketing strategy and messaging.  Our unique skill-set allows us to fully understand the complexities of  your organizations and the clients you serve.

Companies achieve innovation by utilizing intrapreneurial techniques that lead to what we call, Continuous Marketing Improvement.™


Our Business

Marketing A La Renee is a Professional Management Services firm  providing expert consultancy in Strategic Marketing, Affinity Marketing, Branded Messaging, Advertising and Corporate Communication.

Whether non-profit, small business or corporate entity, our clients realize sound strategic marketing and business fundamentals all-in-one!


Our Approach

An intrapreneurial approach to business strategy allows Marketing A La Renee to transfigure companies and organizations.

Insight and strategy are applied to creativity – driving innovation and designing clear, vibrant communication.  We deliver quality and sales leads, without sacrificing the heart of your business.